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Austin Ford Scam – Don’t Trust SnapCashBinary!

By Kyle / October 31, 2016

Please don’t fall for this SnapCashBinary by Austin Ford scam. Everything they tell you and show you about making easy automated money is all fabricated. This is a pure scam and In this short review I’m going to expose it for what it really is. My focus is going to be on this “Austin Ford” guy. Who is he? Is he real? Can he be trusted? You will find out what I’ve found…

SnapCashBinary Austin Ford Scam

Austin Ford is the self proclaimed founder and creator of SnapCash Binary.

He claims to be a self taught coder, who has found ways to manipulate codes in order to make insane amounts of money through binary options trading. He goes as far to say that he generated over $100,000 in one day by changing just one line of code.

I’ve heard the lies about creating some secret algorithm that never loses a trade a million times. But is SnapCash Binary any different. Is Austin Ford really a genius that has finally uncovered a the code to make easy automated cash online?

To figure this out I had to start to research the man behind the product and find what all information there was out there.

Austin Ford, Who The F*&% is Austin Ford?

Wow, there is so much information on this guy its hard to process it all….. JUST KIDDING! There is literally no information whatsoever on Austin Ford.

Wouldn’t you think if he really invented some incredible software like this he would be all over the internet? Developing a software that can earn you $100,000 a day on autopilot is something that many financial experts would want to get their hands on. This guy would be all through all the financial magazines… Forbes, Bloomberg Business, SnapCashBinary Whois Lookupyou name it.

The problem is that he isn’t. He is nowhere to be found. And its not like this just came out yesterday. The website SnapCashBinary.com has been around since August of 2016. Its several months old at this point. It wouldn’t take long for Austin Ford’s groundbreaking invention to explode with popularity IF IT WERE REAL.




Who Is This Guy Really?

After doing some heavy research I was able to find out who the guy in the video really is. And hes not Austin Ford!

andrew-harrisHis real name is Andrew Harris. He has been in a handful of movies, TV commercials, and so on. Some of the movies he acts in include Shadow of Fear, Pretty In The Face, The Auteur, Film Geek, The Choke, and several more. All amateur films, nothing big, thats why you probably haven’t heard of him.

You can see his profile at Casting Frontier. Its an online database of actors where film makers go to find roles for new films.

This guy obviously isn’t the real scammer in this SnapCash Binary scam. Often the actors are just people that are hired to act. The real scammers keep their faces hidden.

You Just Can’t Trust SnapCash Binary

I can’t give you a story about how SnapCash Binary scammed me because I haven’t been scammed by them. I haven’t invested in this software and I don’t plan on it. Everything they tell you are lies, and everything you see is fake.

SnapCashBinary testimonialsOther than Austin Ford being fake, the testimonials they display below the video are fake as well.

You can see one of the testimonials to the left. This guys name is “Adam Meijer”, as they claim.

The weird part is that I was able to find the same image of “Adam Meijer” online. The problem is that this guy’s name isn’t Adam and this picture was taken from another picture.nano-c82-google-chrome-2016-10-17-07-04-08

This picture is the original. And this guys name is supposedly Wojtek.

This photo was taken for a testimonial for a car product called Nano-C82. Not that it matters but its a protective coating to protect the paint of cars.

All the scammers at SnapCash Binary did was took a screenshot of this guy’s head and put it as the testimonial image for Adam.

I wasn’t able to deterimine for certain if the other 2 images were fake but as far as I’m concerned they are.

Austin Ford Is Fake and So Is SnapCash Binary

You will come across tons of reviews online about SnapCash Binary being legit and what not. But these are all lies. The people promoting these scams are just trying to make money off of you too. They get paid commissions for referring you to these scams.

If you still don’t believe that this is a scam then read my full SnapCash Binary review for a couple other reasons why this is a sure scam.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope I saved you some money. Leave your questions and comments below!
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