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By Kyle / January 1, 2019
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Believe it or not, you can actually get paid to download apps to your phone… well for the most part. After downloading an app you will then have to use it for a bit in order to actually get credit. There isn't an app out there that is just going to pay you for simply downloading an app.

But anyways… It is still an incredibly easy way to make money right from the convenience of your phone. All you have to do is download apps, use them for a very short period of time, and then you can either keep them if you'd like, or you can delete them and move on.

Sound like fun?

Below is a list I have compiled of 13 apps that will pay you to download other apps…

Get Paid to Download Apps

13 Apps That Pay You to Download & Use Other Apps..

#1) AppBounty

If you want the best of the best, then AppBounty it is probably worth a try for you. It is definitely one of the better apps of this nature out there, the good rating on Google Play reflecting exactly this.

This place is all about downloading apps and nothing else. Now you might be wanting an app where you can get paid to download apps as well as perform other tasks, but in my opinion it is a good thing that they are sticking to just one stream of revenue.

This place has a system where you get gems, diamonds, doughnuts, gold, etc. when downloading and using apps, rather than just a boring old point system. Available rewards include Amazon and iTunes gift cards as well as Xbox Live and PS Network points.

#2) Boom Gift

Boom Gift provides a lot of apps that you can choose from and earn up to one dollar per download, all the apps available being completely free to use.

In addition to being able to earn this way, you are also able to watch videos, take surveys, and more in order to make a little bit of extra money... And of course they have a referral program in place where you can earn 30% of your referrals' lifetime earnings.

Rewards that you can get include PayPal cash, which is nice to see, Amazon gift cards and more.

#3) AppNana

AppNana is another good app for this kind of stuff and has extremely good ratings.

Like that mentioned above, not only can you earn money by downloading free apps, but you can also make a little bit extra by watching videos, playing games, and referring friends of course. You will be rewarded and what they call "Nana points or "Nanas", which can be redeemed for gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox and more.

You will also be able to get a daily reward of 400 "Nana points" just by opening up the app on a daily basis.

#4) appKarma

With a pretty darn high rating on Google Play there is no doubt that this needed to make the list.

What I like about appKarma is that when you earn from downloading an app and using it, you don't just earn one time… You can earn what they call the Karma Plays reward which is a reward you get the more you play the apps that are recommended, 

You will also be able to earn by simply installing the app, which will give you 300 points, as well as taking short quizzes. And one thing that is cool is that you can earn achievement badges, which are essentially ranks, and as you move up the ranks you can earn more points per offer that you complete.

Rewards include the typical… PayPal cash, and gift cards for places like Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, etc. When you redeem your points for gift cards you will get 5% of your points back into your account, which means your account will never be completely empty after you start to earn.

#5) FeaturePoints

This is a nice app if you want to earn cash back shopping online, taking surveys… And yes… They also offer rewards for downloading apps. Like all, you have to download them and then use them for a few minutes.

Some plus sides of the FeaturePoints app is that it is created by well trusted company, has some decent ratings from users, and as a very good referral program where you can earn 50% of the earnings your referrals make for life.

Rewards you can get here include PayPal, gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Xbox, and more.

#6) AppMan

With AppMan you get paid by downloading free apps and testing them out for at least one minute. And, like the previous app, they have a referral program where you can make 50% of the earnings that your referrals make.

The rewards are your typical gift cards for Amazon, Google play, steam, however… I don't think they offer PayPal rewards.

While you can make money with this app, they don't seem to offer many available app downloads per day, which is one of the reasons they ratings aren't very good on Google Play

#7) Cash for Apps

This place claims that they are the "fastest way to get free gift cards and in-app purchases", but it seems that a lot of apps make similar claims. That said, while I would disagree with the statement that they are the "fastest" way to earn free gift cards, I would say that they are an easy way to do so, as is every other app listed here.

There isn't anything very special about this place… You can download free apps and test them out to make a bit of extra money which you can receive in the way of gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Walmart, eBay, Xbox and more.

#8) AppLike

This app is nice because it doesn't just give you a list of random apps you can download and make a bit of extra money doing so, but rather recommends apps based on your personal social and app usage. This way you are hopefully presented with apps that you actually enjoy using, instead of simply downloading a bunch of apps just to make a bit of extra pocket change.

Rewards include Amazon gift cards as well as gift cards force qualify, Netflix, etc.

You can check it out on Google Play. It is only available for android devices.

#9) Fitplay

Fitplay is very similar to AppLike, and for good reason… It is actually created by the same company (Applike).

As you can imagine, it is the same sort of deal here… You get recommendations for apps that are based on your own preferences so that hopefully your time using the app is more enjoyable.

The more you play the recommended apps, the more coins you get. Like others, this isn't a one time payment sort of deal. Coins can then be redeemed for PayPal, Amazon gift cards and more.

To download you will have to go on Google Play, so an android device will be necessary.

#10) BigCash

BigCash doesn't appear to have an official website, but the app is available for download on Google Play.

This place isn't anything all that special, but they do have monthly contests where you can win additional rewards. Usually these are for people who bring in the most referrals, in which you get 20% off of their lifetime earnings.

Rewards are available through PayPal, Google Play and Amazon gift cards, etc.

#11) AppTrailers

With this app the main way to earn money is by watching short videos, or "trailers", but they also have offers where you can download apps to make money.

The trailers that you can watch to make money are for popular apps, so either way you are being provided with apps that you will hopefully like.

Available rewards include PayPal, gift cards for Amazon, Target, Groupon, Starbucks, and so on.

#12) CashPirate

CashPirate has a variety of different ways that you can earn. You can download and test out apps, play games, take surveys, watch videos, and even participate in free product trials.

Overall it is a decent app that has some pretty good ratings and is nice if you are looking for multiple ways to make some extra money all in a single app.

A unique feature about this place is that, while there referral program only allows you to earn 10% on your personal referrals, you can also earn 5% on the referrals that they bring in, making this a 2-tiered referral program.

As far as rewards go you have all the normal options.

#13) AppFlame

And last but not least is AppFlame... Which is another place that provides custom app recommendations based on what you like, as do some other of these apps I mentioned earlier.

As is normal, they have a point system where you can redeem your points for the typical rewards.

The upside is that they don't just randomly throw a bunch of app offers in your face that you won't end up liking, but the downside is that this is only available for android devices on Google Play.

You may be wondering... how is this even possible?.. to make money downloading apps?

If you are unfamiliar with apps like this, that pay you to download and use other apps, then you may be wondering how the heck this is even possible.

Well… How these places work is actually pretty simple. Basically these apps are a sort of advertising platform for app developers. App developers pay these places to promote their apps and get people to use them, and of course these apps then pay people like you and I as incentive.

In a nutshell this is just a form of advertising.

Not getting many offers?

The opportunity that you have when using apps like this will vary, mostly depending on where you live.

For example, someone in the US may use one app and be provided with plenty of opportunities to download other apps and make money, while someone living in India may not get quite the opportunity. This is because developers that are advertising their apps can target specific locations, some more often targeted than others.

What about using a VPN?

One question that comes up is whether or not you can use a VPN, which will allow you to live in one country but access an app as if you were living in a different country.

Unfortunately this is not going to work. Pretty much every app I have come across has had roles against this.

How much can I make doing this?

While this is an incredibly simple way to earn some extra money... you won't earn much. This sort of opportunity is comparable to taking paid surveys online, which is just going to provide you with some extra pocket change.

You can download multiple of these apps however and increase your opportunity to earn. But just don't think you will strike it rich by any means.

Alternative Ways to Earn

Since you are looking for easy ways to make a little bit of extra money with convenient apps on your phone, you may also be interested in cashback shopping apps, which will pay you to do your normal shopping that you are going to do regardless. Ibotta would be my top recommendation for these types of apps.

Also, something else that you might have an interest in is what is called usability testing. You might not always be able to do this through an app, but you are able to do it  conveniently on your phone. But anyways… This is when you get paid to simply test out websites and apps. You can check out this list for available opportunities.

And lastly, if you want to make more than just a little bit of extra income online, feel free to check out our top recommended program for beginners.

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