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Angela Bussio Scam – What You Should Know

By Kyle / May 25, 2017

angela bussio scamAngela Bussio is a well known philanthropist, author, coach, speaker, and more. She has written many books that have went on to be best sellers. Here career is focused on helping others achieve success, whatever that may be to them. Many of here works are focused on stress, which is what holds many people back from finding success in life.

But why would I be asking about an Angela Bussio scam? If she is world renown for her works how could she possibly be a scammer… right?

The problem is that here name is being and has been featured in numerous online scams.

The Scams

There are literally dozens of online scams that Angela’s name has been featured in. Usually the sites that refer you to these scams are fake news sites that look something like the one I took a screenshot of below…

They usually refer to the programs that they are promoting as Millionaire Author Angela Bussio’ program or something along those lines.

These sites are completely fake. They are cookie cutter sites that are pumped out within minutes. I have seen about a hundred of them over the years and they are all very similar with the exception of minor changes.

What These Scams Tell You

These scams usually promote some sort of link posting program that will never work. Some examples are WHA Program, Web Fortune Master, etc.

From what I have seen they usually tell you how you can make easy money posting links for companies. They act as if you just copy and paste some links and that is it.

The reality is that it is nothing like this. The “link posting” they are talking about is actually called affiliate marketing. This is when you promote products online via affiliate links and when someone clicks your link and buys the products you were promoting, you get paid a commission.

I actually make a living doing this and it is a great business model. It is just sorely misrepresented with these scams.

You can learn how to legitimately start affiliate marketing here

Does Angela Bussio Promote Scams?

The fact of the matter is that anyone can create a scam website and put anyone’s name on it. If I wanted to create a site that headlined “Exposed: Mother of 2 Makes $2,397/day On Autopilot” and write about how Angela Bussio promotes it… I could do that.

Anyone can use her name online and say that she said this, or she promotes this.

She claims that she doesn’t and even claims to be taking legal action against some of these scammers that are using here name without here permission. But legal action takes a long time and there are hoops you have to jump though. So it does make sense that these scams could be getting away with this for so long.

Not to mention it only takes the scammers maybe 10 minutes to set up one of these cookie cutter sites and post Mrs. Bussio’s name all over it.

And honestly, I believe what she says. She is quite an accomplished woman and has many legitimate successes. She has no reason to be promoting little internet scams like this.

She is already a millionaire… why would she want to spoil here reputation?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that anyone can say anything online. But just because you read that this program is endorsed by a well known public figure doesn’t mean that it is true.

I have seen all sorts of fake endorsements. There was a program not all that long ago called Financial Health Reset that they claimed was endorsed by Mark Cuban. Another one called Total Income Answer they used Elon Musk’s name in.

This happens all the time and there isn’t much that can be done. Scammers can produce these sites very easily and legal authorities can’t keep up with it.

What I Suggest

You were obviously searching for ways to make money online when you came across one of these programs that Angela Bussio is claimed to be promoting.

These programs are obviously scams that will get you nowhere. So what I would suggest is to take a quick look at how I make money online.

I wrote a post on what I do, how it all works, and how others can do the same. Its actually a legit way to make money online… yes legitimate ways do exist.

–> You can read about it here 

Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours 🙂

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