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Amazon Flex, Scam or Legit? What You Should Know

By Kyle / May 15, 2017

If you are looking to make some money driving for Amazon Flex there are a few things you should know first. Driving for Flex can be a good job, but there are some downsides that aren’t made clear and that drivers wish they knew before hand.

If you are wondering is Amazon Flex a scam or not, I can assure you that they are not. However… like I said, there are some things you should know about the job. So don’t go and sign up just yet. Hold off a second and read this over. In this short review I’ll be going over what you need to know before you make a decision on whether or not you want to sign up.

Amazon FlexAmazon Flex Driver Review

Amazon Flex started in 2015 because Amazon had a crazy idea that they wanted to deliver people’s orders within an hour. As if their free 2 day shipping wasn’t good enough.

To make this happen and to be able to deliver packages to customers within and hour, they opened this job opportunity to people like you and I. Just about anyone can work for Amazon Flex and get paid to deliver packages if they have a car.

What Its Like To Work As a Driver

When you work as a Flex driver, you are your own boss. You are considered to be an independent contractor and are not an employee.

A typical day consists of you starting out by going into the warehouse at the start of your shift, or as Amazon calls it your “block”. Once there you will pick up packages which are to be delivered.

Then you will hit the road. Once out on the road it is just you and the Flex app. There is no boss, but the app will tell you where to go and make sure to keep you on track.

When you have delivered all your packages you will then go back to the warehouse if you need to pick up more. If it is all you had to deliver you don’t have to report back, you can just leave.

Overall, driving for Flex is an easy and relaxing job. It is not complicated and is something that most people should have no problem being able to do.

One of the great things about the job is the it is flexible. You set your own availability and work when you chose to work. There are some problems with the work schedule however that I will go over later.

How Much Will You Make?

Amazon Flex has a base-pay, which is the minimum that you will make per hour as a delivery driver. Their minimum base pay is $18/hr and goes up to $25/hr.

They are not pulling your leg when they say you will make this amount per hour. Drivers do make this much and I think its a pretty darn good wage for what you will be doing.

On top of this base pay you will also receive tips. Amazon allows customers to tip you through the app up to 48 hours after delivery which is really nice. In addition to these “official” tips, you will also likely receive some unofficial tips. Some people will tip you in cash from time to time, although not too often.

What Are The Requirements?

If you are planning on becoming a Flex driver you first need to make sure you meet the minimum requirements. These include…

  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Must have a dependable 4-door sedan or larger (trucks must have an enclosed bed to protect from weather)
  • Must have a smartphone (Android or iPhone) to download the Amazon Flex app
  • Must be able to pass a criminal and motor vehicle background check
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Must have a Social Security Number

The part that seems to worry people the most are the background checks that you need to pass. If you are worried about this you can read all about them here.


As with any job opportunity, there are going to be complaints no matter how good it is. With Amazon Flex there are some legitimate complaints that you should be aware of before getting into it. I would say that the top 2 complaints are as follows…

#1 Unstable Hours

One of the biggest complaints is the fact that the hours you get are unstable.

You see once you sign up and set you availability, Amazon will assign you hours for each week at the beginning of that week. But it is common that drivers are assigned very little hours and sometimes no hours at all for an entire week.

This is a big problem and it is due to their being too many drivers in areas competing for the same delivery times.

Fortunately drivers are canceling or “forfeiting” their shifts all the time and other drivers can claim these available shifts through the app. But still, there are a lot of other drivers waiting to claim these shifts too and it is very difficult.

#2 Expenses

One of the downsides to being an independent contractor and working for Amazon Flex is that you have to cover your own vehicle costs. You have to pay for gas and everything to do with the job. They aren’t going to pay for any of that.

This can really add up and varies a lot depending on the car you are driving. Gas is going to be your #1 expense.

Luckily, the tips you will receive do a decent job at covering the expenses that come with the job.

Final Thoughts, Is Amazon Flex Worth  Your Time?

Amazon Flex does have its downsides, but overall I think its a pretty good opportunity. So for that reason I do recommend people to give it a try that are interested.

BUT….. just don’t expect too much. The limited available hours are a big problem and this is what most people complain about. So don’t expect many hours. Because of the lack of hours I would add to my recommendation and say that I only recommend this job as a way to supplement your income. Don’t count on it for a full-time income, its just too unreliable.

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