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Accelerated Income Review – Scam or Legit Opportunity to Make Money Online?

By Kyle / October 3, 2017

Accelerated Income by Susan Whitman is said to be an amazing opportunity for those looking to make money online but I beg to differ. If you are wondering if this place is a scam then you are in the right place. I have reviewed this same program multiple times before under different names, which I will explain more on.

The bottom line is that Accelerated Income is not what it claims to be and anyone that buys into this is going to be sorely disappointed with the results they get. While it is possible to make money with it the reality is that you more than likely will not. In this Accelerated Income review I’ll be going over all you need to know about this program.

Accelerated IncomeAccelerated Income Review

  • Name: Accelerated Income
  • Creator: “Susan Whitman”
  • Recommended?: Absolutely Not


I have a long history with Accelerated Income. This program has been around for a while and keeps getting re-branded under different names. This particular version of it is said to have been created by a woman named Susan Whitman, which I will talk more about in second.

With this program you get a website and training on “link posting”. And while this method of earning money online can work, there is no way it is actually going to if you buy this program.

You Cannot Trust This Place

The first thing I want to discuss is the trustworthiness of this program. It is filled with lies and misleading info.

#1 – There Are Not Limited Positions

They tell you that there are only limited spots in your area but this is just to try to get you to buy into it without thinking. This is a complete lie and if you were to go back to the website in a month it would tell you the same thing.

#2 – This Program Has Not Been On the News

They don’t specifically say that Accelerated income has been on the news but they lead you to believe that it has. They paste news logos all over the sales page and put news broadcasts about making money from home.

The truth is that this program has and never will be on the news unless it is on there for being a scam.

#3 – Susan Whitman Doesn’t Exist

Susan Whitman is just a made up person that does not exist. The story about here along with the picture on the sales page are both fake as can be and I’ll show you. Below is a screenshot of her story and picture….

And below this is the same picture and same story, just her name is Kelly Simmons. This is from one of the older versions of this scam called Simple Income Strategies

You Can Make Money but You Won’t

This program is based around what they call “link posting”. The real name for this is called affiliate marketing, and it is a legitimate way to earn money online.

Just as they tell you, big companies do pay people to “post links” from home. Apple, Amazon, Walmart, etc.. all the big companies will do this. However, what they tell you is very misleading.

You see with affiliate marketing you only get paid when someone clicks your link and buys the product that you are promoting. You don’t get paid just for posting links. And you never really know what you will make per link you post. This place tells you that you can expect $15/link on average. This is a lie and there is absolutely no truth to it whatsoever.

The entire approach of this program is way off. They make it seem as if you can just go post links all over the place and earn money. But in the real world it doesn’t work like that. With this approach you will just be wasting your time. And this is what they teach you to do. You are provided training but it won’t be of much help. It will just teach you to spam links everywhere which won’t convert.

And the website isn’t going to get you anywhere either. It is nothing more than a cookie cutter website, the same one they give to every else that joins this program.

The Harsh Reality Here

If a program sounds too good to be true then it often is. There is a belief that in the online world you can make easy money on autopilot, or with turn-key businesses. But the reality is that you can’t. I make a living online and have been working as an affiliate marketer since 2015, so I have a lot of experience in this particular area.

Online business has a lot of perks. There is potential to automate many of the processes when it comes to online businesses but you can’t escape the need to put in real work somewhere along the way. There is no substitute for hard work. If you want to make money online then you are going to have to work for it like everywhere else.

If you want to legitimately learn how to affiliate marketing online then I recommend this program.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

One thing is for sure… Accelerated Income is a complete scam. It is filled with lies and misleading information that is designed to sucker people into buying it, which will only result in having less money than when they started.

I’m guessing you were suspicious that this place was a scam before reading this. After all, you did take the time to do a little extra research where you came across my review here. Sometimes you just have to listen to that gut feeling. Especially when it comes to the online word and the many scams that are coming out on a daily basis.

Making real money online takes real work, but it is worth it. I make a living working online (affiliate marketing) and enjoy what I do. If you are interested in making money legitimately online then you can read this post where I go over what I do, how it works and how others can get started doing the same.

==> How I make a living online

Questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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