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$500 Cash Club Review – Yep, Its a Scam

By Kyle / April 7, 2017

500 Cash Club scamThe $500 Cash Club isn’t anything special and sure as heck isn’t going to make you rich like they say. Is $500 Cash Club a scam? Heck ya its a scam. Its near identical to a bunch of scams that are going around right now. It is nothing more than a scam funnel that tricks you into buying into another program.

I have reviewed $500 Cash Club and in this post I’m going to go over all you need to know. I’ll be telling you what it is and what it isn’t, and I’ll be pointing out some very misleading information they feed you.

$500 Cash Club$500 Cash Club Review

  • Name: $500 Cash Club
  • Price: $49 + Upsells
  • Recommended?: Heck No!

If you searched for this review because you are suspicious of this program, then good for you. You made the right decision. You listened to your gut feeling that this is probably too good to be true. And you are right.

The $500 Cash Club is too good to be true, which means its completely false. They feed you all sorts of BS information about all the easy cash you can generate from home. But this is nothing more than lies.

The truth is that there is no magical system where you can make money online with little to no effort. Making money online is awesome, but its not something you just go out and do overnight.

The Truth Behind $500 Cash Club

Update 04/27/17: This scam is now referring you to a different program called ASPIRE. It is very similar to MOBE, which I went over below. Basically its a program that teaches you to make money online by promoting the same program to other people. It is an extremely high-ticket program which means it is very expensive. 

I have already written a full review of ASPIRE that you can read here.

The truth is that $500 Cash Club isn’t even a real program. It is nothing more than a cover to funnel you into another program called MOBE.

The people who created this $500 Cash Club are affiliates for MOBE and get paid when they get people to sign up. They are looking to make quick cash so they tell you all the lies and fairy-tales that you want to hear about how it is super easy to make money online.

You can think of $500 Cash Club as a book cover. Its a fancy new shiny book cover that grabs peoples’ attention and gets them to buy the book. But when they open up the book they find that it is different from the cover.

There are countless “cover programs” like this out there, many of which I have reviewed including UDC System, Automated Daily Income, 21 Step Millionaire Coach, Massive Internet Profits, and about a dozen more.

And there is a reason that there are so many fake funnel programs like this that promote MOBE which I will be going over soon.

What Is MOBE?

MOBE, which is the program that $500 Cash Club is referring you to, stands for My Own Business Education. It is an online business training platform that has been around for quite some time now.

MOBE provides its members with training, tools, support, done for website features, etc. The things that they provide are top notch and very professional. There is no doubt that the training is good, their sales funnels are great, their lead pages work, etc.

The Shady Side Of MOBE

There are 2 things that contribute to me saying that MOBE is “shady”.

#1 Its a MLM

MOBE has a MLM style commission structure. This means that its members can recruit new members into the program and get paid from them joining, as well as their recruits joining, and so on.

MOBE members can earn money from their recruits, their recruits’ recruits, their recruits’ recruits’ recruits, etc.

Now I am not saying that this is illegal because it isn’t. Since MOBE does provide real products and services they are legit and cannot be considered an illegal pyramid scheme.

But the reason that MLM’s are “shady” is because their commission structure often leads to their members being overly focused on recruiting other into the program, rather than the actual products that the program offers.

This is one of the reasons that there are so many crazy MOBE affiliates creating fake programs like this one to funnel people into MOBE.

#2 The Design of MOBE

The training at MOBE is designed to get it members to go out there and promote MOBE to other people. While it could be used to start an online business in any field, there is no doubt that it is overly focused on MOBE recruitment.

The done-for-you sales funnels and lead pages that they give you are going to be designed for this purpose.

If you were thinking about starting an online business promoting yoga, or dog products, or anything else, you might want to think again.

This is the second reason why people go crazy promoting MOBE. Because not only does the commission structure make it one of the better options, but they also teach you to do so.

The Cost of MOBE

The starting price of MOBE is just $49/month, but this is just he beginning. There are plenty of upsells that you will feel pretty much forced to buy.

The catch is that in order to get commissions promoting MOBE products to others, you first have to buy them. So when you first sign up you will only be able to sell the $49/month membership. You will have to buy the other product in order to make commissions off of them.

MOBE is an extremely high ticket program with plenty of upsells and products. Their most expensive product is over $20,000.

Final Thoughts & My Suggestion

There is no doubt that the $500 Cash Club is a big old scam. What they tell you about how easy it is going to be to make money is far from being true. You can definitely make money with MOBE but its not magic system.

The people behind $500 Cash Club are nothing more than money hungry MOBE affiliates that are doing what they were taught to do…. promote MOBE. Just they way in which they do so is not very ethical and MOBE doesn’t teach you to do so in such a scammy way.

I don’t recommend MOBE to beginners due to the price that it will cost alone. There are some extremely high priced products that they offer and you are going to feel like you need more than the $49/month membership to be successful.

If you are interested in making money online in a way that is actually legitimate and ethical then I suggest you read my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business platform that provides training, tools, support, and other resources for people to make money online in affiliate marketing. At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to create a website, drive traffic to that site, and ultimately make money promoting other people’s stuff online.

And at Wealthy Affiliate they actually help you start an online business around something of your choosing, rather than try to get you to promote their brand.

It is a great place for beginners to start out and it is where I started out. There is easy to follow step by step training. And possibly the best part of it all is that they have a free membership where you can get started for free and test drive the system. I have already written a review that you can read by clicking the link below if you want to know more…

==> Click Here To Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate 

Comments, questions, concerns?? Leave them below in the comment section and I will get back to you within 24 hours…

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