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100k Monthly Review – Is This Place a Scam?

By Kyle / March 30, 2016

100k monthly scamIf you can click a mouse you can make money on this site (lol). Thats what they say. But anyway, let me do this review of 100k Monthly program that very much seems like its a scam. But of course, like anything, you can’t judge this at first site. So I took a deeper look into this suspicious program to find out the truth.

Overview of 100kmonthly.com

All 100kmonthly.com is, is a website that promotes a company called My Advertising Pays. Thats all it does, nothing more, nothing less.

Once you give your email information on the homepage you will be presented with a video. And this video talks about the site My Advertising Pays.

It sounds all good and dandy, but its really not. Its more than likely a pyramid scheme and I’ll go over why.

But before I get into My Advertising Pays and all its scamness, I want to bring to your attention a red flag that is very suspicious.

Red Flag

This is common amongst scams. Scams are always switching domains, names, etc. in order to avoid people from catching onto their nonsense. A lot of times they make mistakes while doing this.

And this is exactly what I found, a mistake!

Take a look at this below. As you can see I am on 100kmonthly.com. But the title of the site in the tab is “Power Lead System”. Power Lead System is a known scam (Google it). I’ve been meaning to make a review on it and I still have to do that.Power Lead System is a scam

Even if you didn’t know that Power Lead System is a scam, you should still be awfully suspicious.

Just think about it. You go to 100k Monthly to make money online. Then you see that the title in the tab bar is Power Lead System, which is not mentioned at all. Then you are referred to My Advertising Pays.

Everything is phony. Just keep reading. My Advertising Pays is a big fat scam.

Lets Take a Look at My Advertising Pays

  • Product Name: My Advertising Pays, aka (MAPS)
  • Owner: Mike Deese
  • Website: myadvertisingpays.com
  • Price: Free starter membership (1 month trial), then $20/mo thereafter. $49.99 to $1,000’s in Credit Packs (I’ll go over it)
  • Rating: 0 out of 100 (Its a scam! You might be making some money but its still a scam)

How My Advertising Pays Works

Its another one of these Pay To Click networks. There are soooo many scams out there that are disguised as PTC sites.

At My Advertising Pays this is the the basic steps of how you earn earn money.my advertising pays scam

So all you have to do is buy these “credit packs” and click 10 ads per day. And of course the more credit packs you buy, the more money you make.

Where the hell does the money come from?

It supposedly comes from advertisers paying to put their ads on the site. So they would pay, and you would get paid a small amount to click on their ads.

Its supposed to be mutually beneficial for advertisers and you (the ad clicker). Because the advertisers get to advertise for cheap and you get paid to do something as simple as clicking.

But there is a serious problem with this

There is no value in advertising on a crap site like this. The people that are clicking on the ads are only doing so to make some money. They are not interested in the product that is being advertised. They click, get paid, and leave.

Its not like Bing Ads that appear in relevant searches. These are random ads that you are not going to be interested in. So it serves absolutely no value to the advertiser.

Where does the money really come from?

Ok. so its obviously not from advertisers paying to put ads on this site, because its ridiculous and makes no sense.

The money really comes from these “credit packs” that you have to pay for.

The Credit Packs work like this…

They cost $49.99 each. And each one gives you 550 credits and 10 bolsters for impressions.

By clicking 10 ads per day with only 1 credit pack you can earn a maximum of only $1 per day.

But the more you buy, the more impressions you get and the more you get paid, all while still clicking just 10 ads per day. Take a look below. The more packs you buy, the more you make.Power Lead System scam

And they tell you to buy like crazy. “repurchase, repurchase, repurchase”! Until you get to the maximum of 1,200 credit packs, in which you will be earning $1,200 a day.

This is where the money really comes from. People buying credit packs.

And of course at My Advertising Pays, they want you to go out and recruit more people.

Recruit Recruit Recruit

This is where you can make a ton of money. Because you earn commission off of the people that sign up below you.

You can earn up to 10% from direct referrals depending on your membership.

Its A Pyramid Scheme I Tell You

So obviously I have no concrete evidence of this, but I have seen a lot of these programs and they are all the same. Take a look at my Traffic Monsoon review. Its the same damn thing!

The biggest problem with this kind of site is that it provides NO VALUE. And businesses that don’t provide value don’t stay in business. Unless of course they are a scam like this one.

All this place is is a money exchange. They just transfer money from new recruits to the people above them, and the cycle goes on and on. In the end, many people will lose a TON of money from this because there is no value created.

Definitely a Scam

Be vary wary of Paid To Click networks like this. They are commonly used to cover up pyramid type schemes.

Its only a matter of time before this site get shut down.

But remember, I have no real proof of this, so take it or leave it. I’ve been around in the online money making business for a while and have seen websites like this get taken down before. Don’t fall for their easy money making sweet talk.

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My name is Kyle and I am the owner of Earn Beast. I created this website to explore the various ways of earning and mainly focus on teaching others how they can make money online. To learn how I make a full-time income online, Click Here

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