10 of the Best Work at Home Chat Jobs

By Kyle / February 13, 2017
work at home chat jobs

Working as an online chat agent has many benefits, and at the top of the list is the freedom to work from home. But what jobs are out there? What Are the best work at home chat jobs?

In this article I have compiled what I consider to be 10 of the best work at home chat jobs. The companies I recommend are all trusted and have a good reputation. If you are interested in learning more click the company’s name.

1) AppleCare 

AppleCare is what Apple calls their customer support team. They have an At-Home Adviser position that is very good compared to the industry standard. They treat employees very well and even offer paid leave.

Responsibilities include customer service, troubleshooting, and technical support. And don’t worry, Apple will train you to be great at this.

2) Support.com

Support.com is a customer service outsourcing provider. They provide companies with customer service reps.

One good job they offer is called a Remote Services Technician in which you would be offering technical support for things such as hooking up a wireless network, connecting a printer, and other somewhat simple technical duties.

This is an entry level position, so the requirements are lenient. But you will probably want some basic technical knowledge if you are interested in applying here, although it is not required.

One of the specific requirements that they do list is that you must be able to type 30-40 words per minute.

3) Convergys

Convergys offers work-at-home customer service jobs throughout the US. They partner with bit fortune 500 companies and provide customer outsourcing for them.

Since Convergys works for many different companies, your job as a customer service rep could range a lot. You could be answering billing questions, service questions, troubleshooting a problem, looking at an order status, etc.

This position requires 1 year of customer service experience.

4) SiteStaff

SiteStaff is very similar to Convergys (above). They provide customer service outsourcing for other companies, which means type of support you provide will vary.

They offer the position of a Chat Host. As a Chat Host you will be performing basic customer service via online chat.

Applicants are required to be exceptional typists, being able to type 65-75 words per minute.

5) LiveOps

LiveOps provides customer service outsourcing for big companies. They offer work at home jobs in a variety of different categories, one of the most popular being retail customer service.

When you work for LiveOps as a Retail Customer Service agent, you are your own boss. You are considered an independent brand ambassador. You get to choose your schedule.

With this job you will be commonly receiving calls dealing with customer orders, inquiries about products, etc. Just basic retail customer service.

The pay varies with the client that LiveOps matches you with, but you can expect anywhere from 25-50 cents per minute you are on the phone.

There is no specific requirements as far as experience or anything like that. You just have to be a good communicator, etc.

6) Sykes

Sykes, like most on this list, is a company that provides customer service outsourcing. Many of the jobs they offer include Customer Service Representative & Travel Consultant Agent.

Work at home Travel Consultant Agent applicants must have some experience in the Travel Agency Industry. But if you apply for a Customer Service Rep job you don’t need any experience.

One of the great thing about Sykes is the benefits. They offer a good amount of benefits ranging from medical benefits, tuition reimbursement, 401k contributions, and more.

7) Sutherland CloudSource

CloudSource is another customer service outsourcing provider. Depending on the company they have you working for, your responsibilities will differ.

A typical day on the job would mean answering calls dealing with billing matters, technical issues, and product inquiries.

The requirements aren’t very strict. All you really need is a High School diploma and you must be a good communicator and have some proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

8) ACD Direct

ACD Direct is another place that provides customer service outsourcing.

Once employed you will be working on inbound call campaigns and various other projects.

It is preferred that you have experience as a contracted agent (of course), but its not required.

ACD Direct is not available in a number of states. You can visit their website to see if your state is on the list.

9) Alorica

Another customer service outsourcing provider here. Alorica is an award winning service.

They offer both work-at-home and in-office call center jobs.

The type of customer service you will be providing is the usual, answering questions, solving billing issues, explaining products, etc.

Like many jobs of this type, you are your own boss in a way. You set your own schedule.

As for additional benefits, they do offer medical and dental benefits that you can take part in.

10) Arise

Arise is a customer service outsourcing provider. Just as the others I have talked about, they contract independent agents (like you) to work as a customer service rep for other companies. In addition to this they also contract independent agents to work remotely with companies social media accounts.

The pay will depend on the client you are working for.

If accepted for a position, you must be able to commit to working at least 15 hours per week. Hours are flexible.

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